The solar photovoltaic plant is situated in Monte di Eboli in the Municipality of Eboli, Salerno. It extends over an area of 42 hectares, which belongs to the Municipality of Salerno, and is divided into three lots. It has a rated output of 24MW and produces 33000MWh of electricity a year that is transferred to the Italian electric utility company Enel.

Each of the lots has a rated output of 8MW and consists of 8 cabins, each divided into string boxes. The string boxes hold an average of 24 strings.

The individual panels are made up of 21 modules, each measuring 1.64 by 0.997 meters. The modules are lined up on the shorter side to make 3 rows of seven. The total number of modules is 102.816.

The technical features of the modules and power inverters are as follows:

  • module model: LDK_230P-20_230W diodes;
  • power inverter: 350kW - KacoPowadorXP350HV-TL , 450-830V.

This type of input, with 21 modules set in series, forms a plant with 23 power inverters able to produce 7.9MW. With these characteristics the plant makes energy savings equal to 16.368.000Kg of CO2 that will not be emitted and 7590 TPE while providing almost 10.000 families with electricity.

The study on the productive capacity of the plant was carried out using data concerning the weather affecting the site that had been obtained from the new system PSV-SAF_PV_GIS and developed by PV-Sist software.

The Monte Eboli photovoltaic plant is one of the biggest in Italy in terms of installed power and is the biggest project in this sector in Italy and Europe in terms of it being a public-private partnership.



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