Renexia SpA is involved in the development of two photovoltaic plant installations at the Interport of Abruzzo: Località Staccioli – SS 5 Tiburtina Valeria in Manoppello (PE).These two plants represent 4.75MW of power from roof panels and 1MW from ground-mounted panels, to be installed on land adjacent to the Interport areas.

Warehouses belonging to the Interport have been used for the installation of solar roof panels. This was authorized in August 2012 and the first two sections are already operational. In particular, the current installed power is equal to about 3.5MW.

For section A, representing 2.5MW, the construction work started in October 2012 and finished in December 2012. The plant will produce around 3100Mwh a year. This corresponds to 1538 tons of CO2 that will not be emitted and 580 TPE in energy savings, providing 886 average families with electricity every year.

For section B, representing 1.0MW, the construction work was carried out in February 2013. The plant will produce about 1250MWh a year corresponding to 620 tons of CO2 that will not be emitted and 234 TPE in energy savings. It will also provide electricity for 357 average families a year.

The photovoltaic ground installation is being authorized via simplified procedures to accelerate the process. It will consist of concentrated solar power towers (CSP technology) which work by increasing the concentration of solar radiation onto triple-layered silicon cells through lenses or mirrors, as well as the amount of incoming light through the use of radiation tracking systems.



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